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AKM Holdings takes an intuitive approach to strategic analysis. Read more...

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Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis | Definition: “the process of developing an informed understanding of the external environment which a business is operating, together with an understanding of the business’ capabilities and interaction within its environment, in order to formulate strategy.”

AKM Holdings takes an intuitive approach to strategic analysis. We are truly hands on conducting indepth research on how a business operates, who occupies the online space and what efforts may already be working.

As an integral part of the process, an interview with the owner(s) to understand what the initial spark of passion was that launched the business. What sets this company apart from the crowd?


Competitive Research

Custom website development strategies view competitive research as the “Holy Grail” for website success. No website exists on an island; each website has numerous competitors that are just a few keyboard clicks away. Pinpointing your competitors and learning their market share, tricks and strategies is essential when planning and maintaining your custom website development strategy. In addition, learning as much about your potential customers as possible gives you the edge against your unprepared adversaries.

Through strategic analysis we isolate  the  unique, targeted, measurable differentiators and simply allow for your organization to understand how to communicate that online to both your visitors and the search engines.  

By isolating  inconsistencies between actions and message and having a vision to refocus on strategies, we will help you communicate your brand to the world and clearly articulate why they need your brand of XYZ.

These strategies should be evident in every aspect of the business including systems, sales, messaging, and online link building.



About The Founder

Adam Merrifield
Adam Merrifield is a self proclaimed “start up junkie” and has spent the last 18 years in corporate entrepreneurship, co-founding and/or being the start-up point man for several businesses. Adam started his career in Commercial Real Estate in San Diego, California. 

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