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Social Bookmarking in Link Building and SEO

SEO does not begin and end with content.  Link building drives up your page ranking faster than anything else, and do-follow social bookmarking offers incredible opportunities.  Adding follow links for your social media platforms on all your content is just the beginning.  The true value in social bookmarking lies in quantity.

Do-follow sites like Digg, BuddyMark, Mixx and Reddit offer the best value for generating back links via social media. Many sites automatically disable reporting to search engines on comments and bookmarks, marking all posts as "no-follow."  Identifying which sites do and do not offer do-follow social bookmarking is essential for getting improved search results. 

Every social bookmarking site handles search engine reporting a bit differently.  Some only change bookmark status to do-follow once a post reaches a certain number of followers.  Others always leave do-follow enabled, while still others always leave no-follow enabled.  Researching and locating the bookmarking sites which continue to add value is an important part of strategising for social bookmarking and SEO. 

Even with no-follow enabled on some social bookmarking sites, there is still value in posting.  Traffic generation is another big part of building an online presence.  Social media platforms and services like Digg, which restrict do-follow to very popular items still generate site traffic, even when they do not impact page rankings. 

Including social bookmarking in your online marketing strategy adds the potential for both improved page rankings and direct traffic generation, a two-for-one opportunity.  The goal of all SEO activities is to generate additional traffic and conversions.  Social bookmarking offers the potential to do both.



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