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Optimization for Online Growth

The only way to truly have long lasting success with your Digital Real Estate investments online growth is to get involved. Point blank, no one knows your business as well as you and your employees. It is critical that you partner with a company or individual that will take the time to understand exactly what your unique differentiators are and help build your online presence around that message.


The good news is you’re not going anywhere so you might as well jump onboard the content train and start communicating with your prospects in a way that assists their buying process and creates a two way dialogue. It is no longer effective to simply promote your product or service online. The internet and  ”trophy generation” have changed forever the way people purchase. Simply think of your own buying patterns and you will see clearly what we mean.

The key to this exercise is to understand what exactly it is we are attracted to as potential buyers. AKM understands that the sites that get the most page views and time on site are the ones that provide the most research value to the visitor. Google understands this as well and rewards sites that conform to this strategy. Fresh, relevant, interactive content is the key to any online growth strategy. The longer your visitor/prospect stays on your site the better chance you have of them picking up their phone or shooting you an email requesting additional information.

Understanding that most buying decisions are at least researched on Google first, you can see why it is critical to establish your brand as the thought leader in the space. Even if that prospect goes somewhere else, you will have planted your “Brand Seed” with that consumer for future purchases and or referrals.

Online growth happens over time, a little bit every day. Google pays believers and if you are not engaged in the process a little bit each day, rest assured someone else in your space is. The good news is that those who play in this new reality will truly eclipse the rest.


More Clients and Customers

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is becoming more complex as technologies evolve. Quickly building a website that is simply pleasing to the eye is no longer a viable solution for attracting visitors. Planning your website’s architecture very carefully—from the beginning through the end—is necessary to pull relevant, targeted traffic from the search engines. Highly targeted traffic more often than not results in higher conversions and sales for your business.

Attract more visitors to your website and convert them at less cost-per-lead.

AKM Holdings is committed to helping brands succeed with their online growth strategies. We have not only helped many clients but have engaged in these strategies for our own companies for over 20 years. There are no short cuts or magic buttons to this process so if you’re committed to partnering with another CEO to finally take your online growth seriously, we would love to schedule a time to discuss it. All the best!



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Adam Merrifield
Adam Merrifield is a self proclaimed “start up junkie” and has spent the last 18 years in corporate entrepreneurship, co-founding and/or being the start-up point man for several businesses. Adam started his career in Commercial Real Estate in San Diego, California. 

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