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Adam Merrifield

Adam Merrifield

Successful marketing campaigns come down to the numbers: the number of hits, leads generated, the number of conversions and the number of sales.   Improving the numbers starts with a look at return on investment for prior online marketing campaigns.   How much traffic did you gain, and how much did that increase cost?  At AKM Holdings, we understand that the end result is what matters.  The goal of each of our custom designed marketing strategies is an increase in online presence that improves web site hits, generates leads and keeps customer acquisition inexpensive. 

Building Strategy

Rushing to include all the available online marketing tools does not create a truly integrated strategy.  The most successful campaigns integrate tools that work together to generate increasing patterns of interest in consumers, ultimately transforming them into customers.  Before creating your custom strategy, our marketing experts analyze your current exercises to identify weaknesses and disconnections.  From day one, all of our efforts stay focused on driving revenue increases with a solid return on your investment.   

Our Steps to Generating Positive ROI:

  • Research and Critical Analysis
  • Gaining Client-led Marketing Goals
  • Using Analytics to Evaluate Prior Efforts
  • Discussion of Weak Points/Missed Opportunities of Prior Campaigns
  • Finalizing Areas of Focus for New Strategy
  • Generating Multiple Models to Show Potential ROI for each Strategy
  • Recommending Budget Numbers Based on ROI Estimates

At AKM Holding, we specialize in creating integrated, customized marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses that are prepared to invest in online marketing.  Our customers, or partner companies, show why they deserve the title of Thought Leaders by understanding the importance of adding a solid online component to any marketing strategy, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing.


About The Founder

Adam Merrifield
Adam Merrifield is a self proclaimed “start up junkie” and has spent the last 18 years in corporate entrepreneurship, co-founding and/or being the start-up point man for several businesses. Adam started his career in Commercial Real Estate in San Diego, California. 

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